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While hardwood flooring is tough and long-lasting, its life can be cut short if it isn't properly cared for. This means extra repair and refinishing costs for you. However, a little time and attention can go a long way toward extending the life of your floors. For instance, regular sweeping and vacuuming alone can remove sand and grit that might eat away at your floor's finish.

Preserve the look and value of your floors

Keep your floors looking beautiful.

Don't delay if there is moisture or a spill on your hardwood floor - don't allow a stain or discoloration to set in.

Using felt floor protectors instead of plastic sliders will also prevent damage.

Keep your floors high and dry

Get to know the kind of hardwood in your home. If you have prefinished or refinished polyurethane, your floors have a no-wax finish. This means you should never apply your own wax, polish or oils. Instead, try using water combined with vinegar for a clean finish. We recommend Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner.

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